Finance Committee Application 

Each BridgeUSA chapter will be allocated a specific amount of funding per semester; this amount will serve as a cap for how much the chapter will be reimbursed. Chapters can be reimbursed by submitting a grant request for expenses. Grant applications are available on the chapter portal.

While the reimbursement model will continue to be used, we still have to determine the funding caps for specific chapters. We plan on using a tiered system to determine the funding caps for chapters. Currently, the plan is to have three tiers: new chapters, developing chapters, and established chapters. Each category is allotted a specific cap, so the category your chapter falls in will determine your chapter’s funding cap for the semester.

Here’s where we need your help. We are establishing a finance committee that will determine what the criteria is for each tier of development. In our commitment to transparency, we want to give you the power in deciding what constitutes a specific level of chapter so that we can levy the corresponding budget caps. The committee will consist of the national board and six chapter leaders. We want to have two of the leaders from well-established chapters, and the other four from chapters that are just starting or are developing in order to incorporate a diversity of perspectives. We are looking for chapter leaders who can provide valuable insight about expectations regarding events and financial needs of various chapters.

Please note that the first committee meeting will be on June 2, 2019 at 12pm PSTApply only if you can make that time- schedules of nine members will be difficult to coordinate so please make sure this time works.

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