Our Purpose


Our Mindset

  • Commitment to ideological diversity

  • Promoting constructive and responsible discourse

  • Supporting a solution-oriented political culture

Our Mission

“BridgeUSA believes that good governance starts with constructive political discussion.

Our organization works with America’s future leaders on college campuses to foster spaces wherein a diverse range of ideas can engage one another through the practice of responsible discourse.”

Why the College Campus?

America’s leaders of tomorrow are on America’s college campuses today. If we wish to create a better political climate in the future, we need to start by reforming political culture on college campuses now. We must ensure that our students are committed to ideological diversity and constructive discourse.

Our chapter members will be at the forefront of this movement to fix national governance, by starting in the spaces where they learn, live, and grow into tomorrow’s leaders.

What we do?

We host on campus events that help foster dialogue. These range from invited speakers to student led discussions. The goals of these events are to expose students to ideologically diverse viewpoints. Our organization is broken down into different college chapters which each serve ideological and cultural conditions of their university.

Why is diverse political discourse so important?

The very form of government that our country was founded on was build through discussion. Democracy is founded on the principle of discussion as a key pillar representation is only achieved when everyone's morals, desires, and beliefs were heard. By remaining true this principle, we hope to maximize the strengths that democracy provides to us.

Why BridgeUSA is needed now more than ever?

The political divide has increasingly began to fracture our country. As it has grown it has impact every segment of our lives. Everything from the political gridlock in our national government to the strained dinner table arguments. The production of effective governance is impacted every time a line of communication dies. We at BridgeUSA want to fix that.