Sign the Pledge

BridgeUSA is a national student organization that invests in the future of democracy by improving political culture on college campuses.  We champion ideological diversity, promote a solution-oriented political culture, and teach responsible discourse in order to develop a generation of political leaders that value empathy and constructive engagement. As we approach the 2020 presidential cycle, BridgeUSA needs support from everyday Americans who support constructive dialogue and engagement if we hope to realize our mission.

America has rarely been so divided.  Today’s angry political polarization is a danger to our democracy.

People, prosperity, freedom, justice, and the environment are NOT partisan concerns.  But in politics and the media, it often seems like our parties have divided these issues in two, and assigned one party to care about freedom and prosperity, while the other cares about justice and the environment.

That is a false and dangerous divide.  When only one party faces a challenge, while the other denies it, then no party can act on it.    

Most Americans want us to face our challenges square on, and work together to meet them, putting country before party.

We the undersigned call on our political, media, and business leaders to join with us.  Sign this petition.  Then begin to put your best ideas on the table, to meet the full range of challenges Americans face.

Work together – corporations, activists, Republicans, and Democrats – to find mutual solutions. 

Commit BOTH parties, in their platforms, to work across the aisle to protect what we love and cherish. 

Use your POWER, use your DOLLARS, use your VOTES.

Meeting our challenges, not denying them, is something we can ALL agree on.

By signing this petition, you agree with the students of BridgeUSA about the importance of restoring constructive engagement and alleviating political tribalism in national politics. Add your name to a growing list of Americans who want to put an end to political polarization and advocate for a political environment that rewards constructive engagement on those identified policy areas.

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